From Riches to Rags telenovela begins shooting

From Riches to Rags tells the story about how the Ricos and the Siachoquesare forced to live together. It happens to be that the house where now both families must live are the Ricos only shelter after they went bankrupt and the Siachoquesonly fortress after having building it up and turning into a restaurant, their family business. None of them will give in! These tiny differences will be the heart of this 120-episode comedy and who’s one-hour episode begun shooting this month in Bogotá, Colombia.

In coproduction with RCN, the main open channel in Colombia, Resonant TV Colombia, headed by Guillermo Restrepo started the production of this new comedy. Paola Rey will play the role of MarielaSiachoque, the more hardened member of the family who will fall in love, against her own will, with Gonzalo Rico (played by Juan Pablo Raba). Despite being bankrupt, he is still a high-class spoiled boy who will own again his palaces, private jets, and will continue to play polo and drive in rally, things that little by little will catch Mariela’s attention, she who is in charge of her own restaurant and is the center of various Mariachis serenades.

The telenovela will be entirely shot in High Definitivion and will be aired in RCN during the first semester 2012.