Once Upon A Time thriller series begins shooting in Spain.

Once Upon a Time, our thriller anthology series, which adapt classic tales to our times, will have her first version produced in Spain, as a coproduction between Resonant TV and EyeworksEspaña. The shootings begin this month making Spain’s capital city Madrid the set of the whole series, which will be entirely shot in High Definition.

“Little Red Riding Hood”, “Three Little Pigs”, “The Beauty and the Beast”, “Hansel & Gretel” and “Snow White” were the classic tales chosen by Antena 3, one of the Spanish main channels,who will air a 70-minute thriller adaptation of these stories during the last semester of 2012.

Viewers at home should begin building their own shelter, as the characters in the stories won’t be the same they used to know: the wolves will become serial killers eager to haunt teenagers, the pigs will be incaranted by gansters, business women and rich ladies will play the role of the evil witches and beautiful models and professionals will take the place of the fairy princesses.