From Riches to Rags to be aired in RCN's prime time

The Rico family goes bankrupt and the poor Siachoques are the only ones who can save them! Next Monday, May 3rd, RCN will air in the daily 8pm prime time slot our telenovelaFrom Riches to Rags. The main characters are MarielaSiachoque, the eldest of the Siachoque family, played by Hidden Passion’s Paola Rey, and Gonzalo Rico, heir of the Rico Emporium who has lost everything, played by Juan Pablo Raba (The Clone,MiGorda Bella). RCN’s grid is getting ready to tell us in 120 episodes about how these families will be forced to live together thanks to their past arrangements and despite their obvious differences will learn to coexist.

The shooting began in December 2011. Produced by Guillermo Restrepo, our CEO in Resonant TV Colombia, and directed by Pepe Sanchez, responsible for other successful telenovelas. Scripts were written by Juan Manuel Cáceres and HéctorMoncada both writers of The man isGermán andVictor's Detectives) andLilianaGuzmán (Victor's Detectives).