JUN. 19

Pobres Rico Arrives to USA

The American broadcast CBS together with Resonant Tv, reached an agreement to adapt the Colombian telenovela "Pobres Rico" to the US market. Broke will be broadcast in the winter / spring of 2020.

The soap opera will feature the executive production of Gonzalo Cilley, Guillermo Restrepo, Martha Lucia Hernandez, Jennie Snyder Urman,
Ben Silverman, Joanna Klein, Alex Herschlag, Jaime Camil and Victor Gonzalez.

Broke will tell the story of Jackie and Elizabeth, two sisters of different social classes who are forced to live together under the same roof, after Elizabeth lost all her fortune. Although class differences can separate women, the size of the house and the number of people living in it will test the limits of family ties, the family bond of brotherhood could be the catalyst they need to restore their relation.