From Riches to Rags

Family Comedy · 120 episodes x 1 hr
Produced for RCN Colombia
On air in prime time in 2012

Will two totally different families be able to live in the house they both fight for between each other?

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High class, rich and famous Rich's family go bankrupt from one minute to the other. Ashamed of this embarassing situation, which of course they won't admit, they must find shelter. But the only thing left
for them is a poor property in a poor neighbourhood ... in the suburbs! Though that's not it: This piece of priceless land is inhabited by the Siachoque's, a humble family who after years of hard work have just opened a restaurant and obviously claim to be the only owner of this great great property.

With no other choices left, the Rich's move in and both families are forced to live together. While fighting for this now even more high-rated space, hilarious situations, fightings, tricks and mockery arise, but also love ... Can't they just share? No way, pride is on high stake! Two families that have nothing to do with each other aren't ment to leave together either. But the Rich's will little by little learn about family values, friendship, union and loyalty from the Siachoque's.